Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Summer is officially here, and I am already working hard to fulfill my self-designated ice cream/frozen treat quota for the season. I was able to check #4 off of my summer to-do list yesterday when I visited the "King of Pops" boutique "paleta" stand on North & N. Highland Aves. There were many good options. I was initially torn between Lemon Mint, Strawberry Cheesecake, and Mocha/Chocolate Sea Salt. Pops cost $2.50 a pop (literally! How often do you get to say that?), but he was running a special: $1.50 for "mystery pops" from the previous day. I'm not afraid of adventure, so I got a red one, which ended up being Strawberry-Basil, which I loved. My companion got Honeydew Lime, which I tasted and was very refreshing.

I noticed that the Dairy Queen's Blizzard is celebrating 25 years of life this year, and since I'm a sucker for advertising (especially when I'm hungry), I went to get one this afternoon. I was in a peanut butter frame of mind, so I got a Reese's PB cup blizzard with some hot fudge on the top. Dee-licious.

What frozen treats do you reach for in the summertime? What form of high-fructose-corn-syrup-precipitation tickles your tongue? What big chain or homegrown ice cream-habit-enabler is your favorite? Let me know!


  1. Hi Whitney! Mike and I enjoyed your "ice cream" treat for us today. Girl, you need to write a column for the newspaper! Your today's epistle sure beats the one I read in the Democrat-Gazette. Our usual frozen treat is a dip-top cone from McDonald's. It is sometimes messy, but sure hits the spot.

  2. I agree. I love those things, even if the ice cream-to-cone ratio is severely out of balance. There's a local chain here called "Zesto's" and they have the best dipped cones, which they call a "Brown Crown" and top with crushed peanuts.