Thursday, March 25, 2010

Surrounded by Prayers

This week is "Tibet Week" at Emory. I'm not really sure what all that entails, but we have a relationship with the Dalai Lama. Once a year he comes and lectures. So, throughout the school year there will be awareness events about Buddhism and Tibet. There's all kinds of cool stuff that goes on, like mandala sand paintings and meditation lead by Buddhist monks. As I was walking across campus, I noticed all these beautiful Tibetan prayer flags hung up across the quad. Then, on the second floor of our building, I noticed an interactive prayer display set up in honor of Women's Week/Lent. One of the prayer stations was a "prayer tree." Throughout time and all over the world, people have written their prayers on scraps of cloth and tied them to trees. I loved the juxtaposition on my campus between these two beautiful traditions. It made me feel surrounded by prayers and connected to people across cultures and throughout time. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wear a Dress Tuesday!

My good friend Sarah over at "The Strength of Faith" came up with the idea of "Wear a Dress" Tuesdays. She wrote a really awesome post about the psychological boost of wearing a dress and being in a community of women who are also dressed up for no good reason. Yesterday was the first time I participated, and, you know what? It DID make me feel better. I was having a really horrible day, so I put on a spring dress, over-did my eye make-up, and rocked it out on a Tuesday. It just made the day seem more. . .special. And getting compliments didn't hurt either. Unfortunately, I only have class from 6 - 9 p.m. on Tuesday, so I didn't see the other girls or get to be in the group shot. Anyway, here are a couple of pix of me - for Sarah!!!

Oh, did you want to know about my outfit? Okay. I bought both the dress and the jacket at the thrift store this weekend. I believe the dress was $3 and the little motorcycle jacket was $6. The black ballet flats were FREE because they came from a clothing "recycle" party hosted by my friend, Mary Beth. I bought the belt and leggings at a really cheap, really awesome store next to my Kroger called "Simply Fashion." I believe the tights were, like, $7 and the belt was $6. My friend, Margaret, bargained the necklace I'm wearing down from $8 to $5 at the Starlight Six Saturday Flea Market. It has a hand-painted Spanish basilica on it. The hoop earrings came from Target - a 3-pack for $15. Nailpolish is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in "Blazing Blue." Really, it's more like a navy, which is why I bought it (my favorite color). And, my lip gloss is poppin'!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

From Heaven to Memphis

I have been bursting to tell anyone within earshot about my new TRUCK!! After ALL the hassle of the past 7 months - I FINALLY have reliable transportation! It's pretty pathetic when you can't even enjoy the plush amenities of a new vehicle because you can't get over the fact that the car actually STARTS when you put the key in the ignition! And the radio works! I am living in the age of the Jetsons, my friends.
My wonderful parents graciously gave me my dad's three-year-old Mitsubishi Raider. They flew me into Memphis Friday night, and I drove that steel-gray beauty back to Atlanta on Saturday. I am ecstatic. And, after driving it around for a few days, I am surprised to find out that I absolutely love driving a truck. I never thought I'd be a truck girl, but there's such a visceral thrill that comes from having people move out of the way for you. I sit up higher, I can see better, and I can take up more space on the road. For a petite girl like me, it's quite a fun change to be "large and in charge," especially on Atlanta's crazy roads.
It has a short bed that is lined with "Rhino Lining." It is a four-door, dual cab interior, and is really surprisingly spacious. I am so happy, and, though I wouldn't have picked it for myself, I wouldn't drive anything else now. I don't have a pic of my truck, yet, but here's a promotional shot of one. The color is almost the same.
Call me if you want to go on a joy ride. Did I mention that I love it?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Reynoldstown On the Rise

Today my "Church and Community Development" class took a field trip to the "Resources for Residents and Communities" center located in historic Reynoldstown. Reynoldstown is a community founded by freed slaves in 1886. It was settled by those looking for work in the rail yard and Stein Steel Company, which is still in existance. It is located off of Moreland, right down from Little 5. It was really cool. We got to speak to the workers of the RRC about the work they do with youth, seniors, and especially homeowners and homeowners-to-be. The community has come a long way in the 21 years the RRC has been in existance. The community is now ethnically, economically, and architecturally diverse. The best part of the trip was the tour of the colorful, vibrant neighborhood. . .which I'll share with you now!
This might look kindof trashy, but this house is actually really cool. The owner has limited yard space, but she still tricked it out with yard art and chickens! This house is right next to the RRC building.

The Magnetic Theater is now defunct, but was housed in one of the oldest churches in the neighborhood. The stone was quarried from Stone Mountain. They're looking for a current buyer. My classmates, from left to right: Lucas, Johann, Joung-Gu.

My class

From l to r: Corey, Gandhi, Reggie

I was complaining that, since I love to take pictures, I never get to be in any. So the Parkview Patriot graciously took this photo (thanks, Reggie!).

I'm little obsessed with pictures of doorways.

I really like the green doorframe and matching iron settee. The homes in this neighboorhood favored the old-style, 1950's iron patio furniture. Actually, that's a trend I've noticed all over Atlanta.

According to my classmates, this is a memorial to someone who has died.

This type of Zen-like, rock garden is popular in the neighborhood, especially among owners of the more modern-looking homes.

More chickens! These guys were just chillin' on the front steps - they weren't even fenced in!

This homeowner incorporated the logo for the Reynoldstown Neighborhood Association into his porch! The rising sun is a symbol of renewal, and goes along with their motto, "Reynoldstown On the Rise!" How beautiful is that?

Pictures of the local memorial garden.

This lady made art to hang from her tree.

Young Hughley, the head honcho at the RRC

Benita Taylor works with youth and seniors in the neighborhood.

More of my class before everyone got there.
Back row, l to r: Kathy, Sam, Marissa
Front: Randy, Jason, John